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IPS South Africa, Labour Service Provider and Employer

Recruitment & Placement Specialist

As a Registered Labour Service Provider and Employer we take care of the Employment Process and Administration, Enforcement of Discipline, Payroll and Compliance with the Statutory Requirements such as Deduction and Payments thereof.


To promote and enhance the full and active participation of working men and women in the political and socio-economic activities of South Africa. We do this through developing organisational and leadership capacity of trade unions and labour focused social organisations to enable collective bargaining on incomes and social livelihood issues.


The vision of IPS is to work toward a Democratic Society which treats all people with dignity and respect. Through Human Resource Development, IPS provides Quality Skills Development for Individuals and Companies. IPS values are those enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. These include: Human Dignity, Achievement of Equality, Non-Racialist and No Sexism, Honesty and Integrity. It is our Company Policy to offer Equal Employment Opportunities and Development to all Employees.

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TEL: 031 903 5014 Toti
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TEL: 021 905 0365 C/Town

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